The Festival has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. See you in 2021.

This Year: Come to our Curbside Edition 2020 on Saturday Sept 26th 
  11am-2pm (or food runs out) for
2 Spinach Lasagna Roll-ups with 1 Meatball and slice of Italian Bread or a Meatball Sub, and Cannoli.

 Raffle tickets will be mailed to parishioners and sold throughout the summer.
The Grand Drawing will be October 11th.

St. Anthony of Padua Church, 50 Pomeroy St., Cortland, NY

Fun and Food for the whole famiglia




On the grounds:

Italian Sandwich with Peppers and Onions -$6

Pizza Fritta -$3, Meatball Sub (three meatballs) -$6

Slice of Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza -$2

Slice of Loaded Pizza -$3

Pizza Fritta -$3



Ethnic Food

Pasta Salad (with meat) -$4,  Pasta e Fagioli (served with slice of Italian bread)  -$3,  Verze and Fagioli (beans and greens served with slice of bread) -$3

Spinach Lasagna Rollup with Meatball and Italian bread (one rollup -$4, two rollups -$6)


Meatball Sub (three meatballs) -$6

Slice of Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza -$2

Slice of loaded Pizza -$3

Italian Sausage Sandwich with Peppers and Onions -$6

Pizza Fritta -$3


Saturday Spaghetti Dinner in Church Basement

$9 for adults, $5 kids age 5 to 12, under 5 free.   
Dinner time is 4 to 7. 


Dolci Saturday Night and Sunday:

Assorted Italian Cookies, Amaretti Cookies, Biscotti, Pizzelle, Cannoli, Pasticiotti, Sfogliatelle, Water, and Coffee.

Kids' Food Saturday Night and Sunday:

Hot Dogs -$2, Popcorn, Candy for the Kids.


Beverages Saturday Night and Sunday:

Coffee, Soda, Water, San Pellegrino Water, Beer, and Wine.






The St. Anthony's Festival will be providing musical entertainment on two different stages. The large Main Stage will run as it has in the past on the 'Showmobile' and the 'Piccolo Stage', smaller stage, will be running under the tent.  The stages will alternate acts for a schedule of continuous music throughout the festival. 


 Sat, TBA

6:30-7:00: TBA
7:00-8:00: TBA
8:00-8:30: TBA
8:30-9:30: TBA
Sun, TBA
1:00-2:00: TBA
2:00-2:30: TBA
2:30-3:30: TBA
3:30-4:00: TBA
4:00-5:00: TBA
5:00-5:30: TBA
5:30-7:00: TBA





Published on Jun 18, 2017 This video is about a day at The Saint Anthony's Festival! This was a fun day walking in the parade around the block, eating food, and just hanging out with everyone there! Please enjoy this video and share if you enjoyed!