The St. Anthony's Festival will be providing musical entertainment on two different stages. The large Plan First Technologies Stage will run as it has in the past on the 'Showmobile' and the  smaller Cayuga Medical Stage will be running under the tent.  The stages will alternate acts for a schedule of continuous music throughout the festival. 


 Saturday Times:

6:30-9:30  Tribal Revival on the Plan First Technologies Stage

Sunday Times:                  Plan First Technologies Stage                   Cayuga Medical Stage
12:00-1:00pm                    Homer HS Jazz Band                        
1:00-1:30pm                                                                                              Joey & John
1:30-2:30pm                     Molly & the Ringwalds                        
2:30-3:00pm                                                                                            Joey & John
3:00-4:00pm                    Steve Daniels
4:00-4:30pm                                                                                            Joey & John
4:30-6:00pm                    Old Timers Band