We will have the Saturday Night Special Raffle Drawing with announcements at intermission, and classic Italian Music playing over the PA.


Saturday Times:

5:30-6:30pm                    Jenna Noelle & the Extras                                             Armando Natale Main Stage

7:00-9:30pn                     Fall Creek Brass Band (break 8:00-8:30pm)                Armando Natale Main Stage

9:30pm                             Fireworks
Sunday Times:                               
1:30-2:30pm                     Steve Daniels Swingtet                                                  Armando Natale Main Stage                
2:30-3:00pm                     Joey & John                                                                    Piccolo Stage                                                               
3:00-4:00pm                     Molly & the Ringwalds                                                   Armando Natale Main Stage
4:00-4:30pm                     Joey & John                                                                    Piccolo Stage     
4:30-6:00pm                     Old Timers Band                                                             Armando Natale Main Stage