The St. Anthony's Festival will be providing musical entertainment on two different stages. The large Main Stage will run as it has in the past on the 'Showmobile' and the 'Piccolo Stage', smaller stage, will be running under the tent.  The stages will alternate acts for a schedule of continuous music throughout the festival. 


 Sat, TBA

6:30-7:00: TBA
7:00-8:00: TBA
8:00-8:30: TBA
8:30-9:30: TBA
Sun, TBA
1:00-2:00: TBA
2:00-2:30: TBA
2:30-3:30: TBA
3:30-4:00: TBA
4:00-5:00: TBA
5:00-5:30: TBA
5:30-7:00: TBA